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12 Steps to a Better Ride

This program is a series of steps that a horse and rider can develop together to achieve balance for peak performance. Balance is a positive aspect in all phases of your life, but in your riding endeavors, it becomes crucial to producing a horse that not only becomes a joy to ride, but performs confidently at his best, whether you trail ride, run barrels, show on the rail, or ride in any one of many disciplines.

As you work on these 12 steps in sequence, the consistency and repetition they command will develop your horse mentally and physically, and a positive response from your horse will give you confidence. Trust will develop, and you will work as a team.


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What You'll Get:


This DVD will take the rider through the 12 steps with Karen on two different horses . The horses are two different sizes, yet they are both used to accomplish the same 12 steps One horse is balanced physically and the other is longer and shorter in parts.


The book contains information that educates riders about horses and themselves. It provides detailed information on each step to accomplish the end goals. The trapezius is detailed to help the rider develop balance on and off the horse.  Equipment is discussed to help the rider fit their tack properly for horse and rider.


The accompanying cue cards are for riders to take to the barn and arena for practice. They list Things to Remember to remind the rider of everything needed to accomplish the 12 steps along with pictures to show the rider the desired result.

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